Personalised Telegraph ‘Best of Blower’ Book 2017-2022


A satirical, artistic newspaper style parody portraying four eventful, climactic, crucial years in human history through the eyes of political cartoonist Patrick Blower.

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The past four years have been hugely politically turbulent. Brexit has shifted the geo-political and economic landscape and the COVID-19 pandemic has just made things harder, not just for Britain but for the entire world. Besides these two dominant narratives, we are now in a state of code red as the climate emergency worsens with every passing day. In this artistic edition, political cartoonist Patrick Blower paints a satirical, riotous, newspaper-style parody of the Daily Telegraph’s biggest headlines. Amongst these pages you will find him comparing the EU to a golf club, portraying Theresa May as ‘Winnie the Pooh’, and exposing social divides that the pandemic has created through colourful, witty, powerful, and potent artwork.
This edition contains a dedication space on the opening page where you can add your own personalised message to your recipient.